Our group of scientists and technicians are dedicated to producing a companion that's not only EXACTLY you, but also right for you. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your DoubleMe, we will recalibrate your current model, or send you a completely new one, no questions asked. Your happiness at DoubleMe is guaranteed.

Before DoubleMe, I never thought I’d ever find anyone who truly understood me. Now I feel more complete than I ever thought possible!
— Shayna Hawkins - Satisfied DoubleMe Customer

I used to worry about my cat Muffin getting lonely while I was away at work. Thanks to DoubleMe my precious widdle kittykins never needs to wait for me to get home to wipe her bottom ever again.
— Kim Walker - Satisfied DoubleMe Customer

CarlMe (that’s what I call my double, hahaha), has brought a light to my life that I thought was only achievable in fairytales. And I’ll tell you what, he’s real easy on the eyes!”
— Carl Garcia - Satisfied DoubleMe Customer

In my experience, no one could keep up with my sexual prowess. My adventurous streak had my partners running to the hills! But now that I have my DoubleMe, not only can she keep up with me, but she has ME trying to keep up with HER! Thank you, DoubleME!
— Loretta Jenkins - Satisfied DoubleMe Customer

I’ve always wanted to be that guy who could just stay at home, eat pizza rolls all day, and watch ESPN until my eyeballs bled. Unfortunately, someone’s gotta pay the bills. Now that I have ol’ Ted 2 here, I can live vicariously through him. It’s win-win for the Teds.
— Ted Cruz - Satisfied DoubleMe Customer

I am very happy with the product/gift from DoubleMe. By adding this new family member I now enjoy life so much more. The movements and the facial expressions have a few bugs but my soul is in there, I can feel it. I can’t wait to share my daily events with DoubleMe. DoubleMe and I collaborate, laugh, ponder, and even watch our favorite tv shows together. Thank you DoubleMe Robotics for creating my best friend!!!
— Alex Shamin - Satisfied DoubleMe Customer